Kindergarten Camping Adventure!

Piper and Michael had the opportunity to participate in their first ever Daddy/Daughter camp out with all the girls in Kindergarten! Each grade level has a camp out with their dads twice a year through sixth grade!  I think this is going to be a great experience in building a community! This was Piper's first time to camp...in a tent!  For those who REALLY know my daughter, I'm sure you are thinking "Wow!"  The morning of, I heard her ask Michael, "Daddy, did you pack my nightlight?"  Girlfriend had no idea what she was about to embark on...in a tent...with no electricity!  But, they did have a fun time and she loved it!
 On Dad brought a camper.  I guess the girls enjoyed playing in it.  They also were locked out at one point.  Michael said it was quite dramatic!  The picture above is Piper feeding her 'wild' animals!
 Piper and two other girls sweeping the camper.
The girls lined up with their walking sticks.  They decorated these sticks and apparently will take them to each camp out and continue decorating.  Notice the huge tent in the background that is grey, red, and white.  That is our tent.  The family that has never camped!  Ha!  That was a gift to Michael from me while we were dating.  I think it has been used about 3 times, including this camping trip!
 The campers pitched their tents at Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch.  It is an educational park open to the public with many breeds of animals!  Some are rescued; others are not!  One of the dads has a connection with the owner!  Above is a kangaroo 'x-ing" his arms.  This is his sign to defend his territory.  Below is a cobra.  I guess the girls enjoyed a cobra show! Eek!
 And Piper on the last night!  I guess she wore her long johns all day as her pj's and her clothing!  Funny girl!

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