Little P!

On Friday, Piper was chosen to bring home the classroom weekend bear, Little P.  All weekend I kept saying Big P and Little P.  Piper did not like being called Big P!  She is funny about nicknames. She doesn't mind being called "Pipes" or "Pipesy" but when we call her "Big P" or "Pipper," for example, she reminds us very firmly that her name is Piper!

Little P stayed the weekend with us and he was a pretty fun house guest.  You don't have to feed him, clean him, or entertain him!  He's just there and he makes the kids happy!  Win-Win!  Piper was so excited to introduce him to her friends from the other class that came over after school!  And introduce him to some of her favorite toys!

 She asked to take Little P to a museum so we decided on the Perot Museum because our membership is about to expire and have decided not to renew it.  It has such a fun play area for the kids so Piper really enjoyed bringing Little P along!

And Little Brother enjoyed Little P too!  

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