April so far...

 Michael and the kids had fun playing in the sleeping bag one afternoon.  Michael was trying to figure out how to stay really warm in it when he goes camping!

 Briggs and I were able to watch baby Bennett one morning.  Briggs loves babies and shared his toys very well!  He loved Bennett's little bumbo seat!  He was stuck!
 Briggs had the stomach bug reeeeallly bad!  It was a solid eleven hours of misery! Thankfully, no one else got it!!  Whew!  Michael was going to go turkey hunting in Oklahoma and the kids and I were going to go spend time with friends in Edmond, Oklahoma but the timing of the bug prevented that from happening!  At this point in my mothering career, these kinds of things are typical and not nearly as disappointing as they were in my first year or two!
 Piper was invited to a kindergarten birthday party at the skating rink!  She was scared to death and may have shed a few tears but after 1.5 hours of watching the other kids, she got out there and loved it.  There is definitely room for improvement on her form!  Ha!

 Briggs was enamored by this Chinese finger trap!
 The Roush girls sent a special birthday delivery to Piper.  The frozen CD and nail polish!  Chandra was in town right after Briggs was sick so we met for lunch!  She and Evelyn were supposed to stay at our house but I did not want to risk them getting ill!
 Michael's 36th birthday was last week!  We didn't get to see him because he had a convention to attend but this was the Happy Birthday text message picture he received that day!  We love him!!

 Piper just learned out to blow a balloon up!
 Daddy is silly!
 And so is this little boy!!

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