Week In Review

The Spring 2014 Kindergarten Campout was last weekend.  The dads and daughters went to Tyler State Park to camp.  They hiked, fished at the Athens fishery, and had a great time it sounds like!  Michael even drove into Tyler to see our old house!

While Michael and Piper were away, me and Briggs were buddies the entire weekend.  I only took one picture of him at the park. He's laughing hard in this picture because he kept pretending he was shooting me with his gun and I'd fall over and he cracked up every.single.time!  We had an easy and fun weekend!
 Every Wednesday from 2:45-4:15, a group ten  2, 3, 4, and 5 year olds come play at our house while their moms are helping with Beach Club after school.  I have a high school senior helper too!  Beach Club is a bible study that is nationwide but just started this semester at our school.  We do crafts, eat snacks, play with toys, go outside, and sometimes watch a movie.  It's been a little bit of work to do this each week but it has been fun and I'm glad I have done it!  Plus, Piper gets to be a part of the club at school since I volunteer. Beach Club is for 3-6 grade unless your parent helps. This week I had planned on playing in our backyard the entire time but after thirty minutes it began to rain on us so we went inside.  I didn't have a craft planned and the kids were very bummed to not do a craft this week.   We have three more meetings before it's over for the year!  
 And here's Briggs and his best buddy, Asher.  They played with playdough for at least 30 minutes and I've never heard them be so quiet in my life!!

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