The rest of June!

Summer is flying by!  It always does!  Yet there are days where I think "boy this is a long day!"  We kept extra busy in June.  Each week, fun activities filled our schedule!  I wish the kids could go to 9-2 everyday year round and have 3 week breaks every two months or so!  That would be ideal!
 For Father's Day, we played it low key.  Church, ate at home, then gathered at Michael's brother's house to swim and spend time together.  Piper and Briggs sure love their daddy!  He's way more playful than mom; therefore, making him pretty popular around here!
 Briggs FINALLY ate a hamburger again!  It was newsworthy!  And, he's eaten one I grilled even!  Praise the Lord!
 We agreed to let Piper sleep in her bean bag during the summer unless there were activities the next day she needed to be rested up for.  Talk about a sore back!  I would not enjoy this!
 This summer, instead of group swim lessons like we usually do, we tried out semi-private lessons with Piper's friend, Nora.  They learned the elementary back stroke, improved the regular stroke and learned back stroke.  Swim lesson week ended up being pretty cool outside.  The timing of that wasn't perfect but the girls still had fun!
Briggs and his best buddy, Asher, waiting on their sisters to finish swim lessons!  Briggs took lessons directly after Piper's lessons.  His were in a group format and this was his first year for lessons.  I'd say he improved as a swimmer and became somewhat more confident.  He is not as risky as other 3 year old boys and that's fine with me but I do want him to be safe!  The lessons were mommy and me style so I had to the pleasure of getting in the frigid waters during the summer cool spell!  Not quite my idea of fun but worth it in the end!
 Piper has been quite expressive in her fashion lately.  This ensemble was worn overnight for bed!  All I think when I see this picture is, "Hot and Wild!"  I would have smothered wearing this and I cannot believe she didn't!
And, in June we have had more rain than what seems normal, so the kids have taken advantage of it!  This is Fancy Nancy and Crazy Bob!  I don't know a really good nickname for Briggs in this picture but I do think it perfectly captures the personalities of a boy and a girl!

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