The End of Summer

This summer seemed to fly by, yet drag on.  Towards the end, we really tried to make the most of it.  Having play dates, swimming, a few crafts, museum visits and other fun kid stuff.  I am ready for a change of pace and a normal routine because I do not seem to create a good routine during the summer months!  Piper is ready to be around friends more and could use a good challenge.  Although, I am sure she'll be tired of all that two weeks after beginning school!  We only have 15 weeks left until baby girl arrives and I have so much to do!  Eek!  Trying to enjoy these moments with my two big kids before her debut!
 While I was getting ready one day, Briggs began playing in my drawers (a normal occurrence!).  He stacked all these products and declared it was Daddy!  The head is the clippy and the two little bottles on each side are his arms!  Clever!
 Piper enjoyed helping me watch Bennett at our house.  He looks a little scared here!  Ha! But he was happy!  Piper is really excited to help take care of her baby sister soon!
 Briggs' latest thing is to pretend to sleep in order to get a laugh from his audience!  He took it a notch further with the eye mask one day!  He is our little comedian!
 Speaking of comedians...Both kids enjoyed pretending to be babies in the infant carrier! Sadly, it is expired but thankfully, we have a friend who is loaning her carrier to me when baby girl arrives!

Michael spent many summer hours building Lego's with the kids.  This is one activity they all love to do!  Mommy, not so much!!
 We visited the local fire station with the Wallace family!  It was hot in the garage and I can't imagine how how they feel in their suits!  The firemen gave us a tour of the engine and educated on some fire safety.  Piper asked several questions and seemed nervous at the thought of a fire in her home.  I really was expecting more questions that night but she never asked again!
 Piper had her friend, Ruby, over and they had a toy sale!  I think the profit was $1!
 I took the kids to the Dallas Arboretum on a very hot day.  We stayed cool in the misters and the spray area!

And I'll leave you with my little ham!  I love his little cheek balls!

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