First Grade!

Piper found out last Friday she was going to have Mrs. Wilkerson at Meet the Teacher.  Both Piper and I are excited about this school year, her teacher, and her classmates!
 Monday morning was the big day!  I set Piper's alarm for her and she woke up on her own, got dressed and even made her bed!  This is huge for her not to be asked!  She was in the best mood; so excited to get her big day started!  She didn't even complain when we had our back to school photo shoot!!!
 I CANNOT believe she's a first grader!!
 Let it be noted I caved on the Sophia the First backpack!  Whew.  I guess some battles are not worth fighting and this is one!  She's so happy to have it!

 Her desk!
 I think she already loves Mrs. Wilkerson because as she knelt down to take the photo she commented "Oh, I love your headband!" They pretty much sealed the deal right there!  Here we come first grade!!

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