Traveling to Oklahoma

We traveled to Oklahoma one more time before the school year begins.  Michael drove us to Clinton to visit Grammy & Papa John for a couple of days then the kids and I took Michael to the OKC airport and he flew home to get back to work while we stayed and visited more friends and family!  It's always so fun to go, but it isn't for the faint of heart to travel with two children!  I'll really be feeling crazy next summer with three!
Grammy had a fake snake in her backyard that looked and moved like a real snake.  Briggs bonded with that thing and played with it for hours!  The weather was so perfect while we were visiting.  It felt nice to sit on the patio and relax while the kids played.
 Their cousin, Garrison, got a new hunting dog.  It's a coon dog so I guess it hunts raccoons!  I think Garrison and his family have a dog for every animal you can hunt!  My kids loved Flash!  They loved leading him with the leash, petting him, and pretending to be raccoon so he'd chase them!  Neither child was afraid!  We've made big progress in the dog department!
After dropping Michael off at the airport we went to my sister's house for one night since she lives so close. The kids swam in the afternoon and that evening we played outside after Trebor treated us to frozen yogurt.  Uncle Trebor worked on Briggs' golf swing!  Pretty cute!

 And they had another opportunity to play with a puppy.  There was a lot of sharing involved with this puppy because everyone wanted to hold him.  Even Briggs fought over his turn!
 After spending one night at Aunt Sheryl's, we drove back to Clinton to stay with my best friend, Chandra and her family.  It rained most of the day that day so we were a little cooped up; however, we managed to get outside some in between the showers!
 Sophia is four and Briggs is three.  They don't usually play well together but did for a little bit in this moment. She has Piper's clothing on.  They both thought it was hilarious to be bucket heads and kept laughing even as they posed for their picture!  Briggs played so well with and playing alongside little Evelyn this time.  I didn't get a picture with her!
 We drove to the farm and played at their grandparents house for a change of scenery.  While there, Piper and Lilly fed the horse, Easy, some carrots and cucumbers!  Piper thought that was the best!
 The second day there, the three big girls took a painting class.  Piper said it was fun but not as fun as Ms. Helen's class because the instructors looked mad the entire time.  I did notice they weren't smiling a lot, but they did have about twenty kids to help!  Eeek!
 After painting and lunch, we drove to Grandma Judy's and Papa Roger's house in Fargo.  This was our third day in a row to be in the car!  Woo!
 Briggs was cracking me up wearing Papa's glasses!  So funny!!!
 Fargo is an itty bitty town, but they are going through a remodeling/rebuilding/adding on of their school.  The elementary school and junior high/high school are all on the same property so it's somewhat of a construction zone right now.  But the new playground is complete and we were able to take advantage of it!  We went there twice during our visit and the kids loved it!  Really, it's the nicest playground I think we've ever been too and I think we've visited many in the past six years!  So that'll be fun little excursion each time we go for a visit in the future!

 Briggs making silly faces at me!  We picked a pillow and a blanket around seven that night.  I think he was getting worn out!  This was our first trip in which he didn't fuss about being away from home or say, "We go to Mama's house."  He seemed to enjoy every minute and found something to play with at every house!
 My parents have these office-styled swivel chairs that my kids love spinning in it multiple times during our visits.  Although the picture is blurry, you can see the joy in their faces!
 After a night at my parents we drove back to Edmond to stay one more night at my sister's.  That evening, my nieces had a special after hours swimming party at Pelican Bay, a small local waterpark.  Piper was able to attend.  It was such a cool evening that night and the water was freezing but the girls still had a blast! Piper said her favorite thing was the rock climbing wall and the big slides!
 Then the next morning Piper woke up determined to learn how to ride a bicycle without training wheels. She refused to have any adult balance her and she came very close to doing it!  We are continuing to work on it at home and she continues to refuse our help!  She is so close!  I'm excited for her to learn and even though she's being stubborn, I'm proud of her determination!  I don't remember how old I was when I learned how to ride a bike, but I remember my brother and my sister both working on it with me in the sand in the country!  It was so hard but I figured it out finally!
It really was a great trip.  On our way back home the last day, Piper said "Mom this is not a different kind of day.  It's just a normal day to us because we go on trips like this a lot.  I think we are the only family that goes on trips like this a lot.  So it makes it just a normal day to us!"  Ha!  Piper was a little more dramatic than normal this week but she and I had some great one on one time together and some really sweet conversations especially when we slept in the same bed.  She would talk to me and ask me a lot of questions which is exactly how I was and still can be!  Moral topics and talking about God were really on her mind. Like doing the right thing when a friend is trying to get us to do the wrong thing, etc.  It is really great to listen to her processing these thoughts aloud!

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