September Thus Far...

So far, September has flown by. That being said, it has been a hard month getting used to school and fall activities.  Briggs is doing really well in school and enjoying it.  Piper is not loving it as much but this happened last year and I think it just takes time for her to adjust to the new routine and expectations! Sometimes my/our attitudes are less than stellar and sometimes my/our responses are less than holy!  But in the midst of the hard days, I know the Lord has me exactly where he wants me to be...even if I don't want to be in that exact place at that moment!!  
 This is a rare sight of Briggs napping one Saturday afternoon.  Both kids were in trouble for their behavior while out shoe shopping so one of the consequences was to lay in bed for an hour.  Briggs decided he was overdue for a nap!  I won't lie!  I was thrilled at this sight!
 A first grader in our neighborhood hosted a petting zoo birthday party and my kids loved it!  Piper played with the animals some and her friends a lot!  Briggs played with the animals the entire time! He had no fear and enjoyed every second!

 In Piper's first grade class they have what is called "Flashlight Friday" in which they turn the lights off and turn their flashlights on to read quietly.  The flashlight Daddy ordered had not arrived so she was allowed to borrow his headlight last Friday!  I called this Breakfast Spelunking!
 Piper was among a group of kids who rescued a baby bunny under the swings, after school one day.  I'll be real honest.  I could have cared less about that little bunny, but it was fun to see them excited!  Hopefully, he's thriving in his new home by the creek!

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