Things are beginning to settle down and our routine is falling into place.  Piper is easing into the increased load of homework.  Math has been hard but she seems to enjoy spelling.  I use the term "enjoy" loosely!

 Here she is on a Thursday night practicing her spelling words on the dry erase board.  We have spelling homework three nights a week and on the fourth night we practice writing out the words like this to prepare for the Friday test!
 Not all of September has been boring and drudgery!  We busted out the slip n' slide one more time before it cooled down too much.  (Or maybe the only time this season!)  Briggs was chilly but loved it.  We had neighbor friends over to enjoy the fun also!

 Briggs really is enjoying friends and socializing so much more now than he did last year.  It's especially fun to see him pretend playing!  He and Asher never seem bored together!  In fact, at Briggs' parent teacher conference, his teacher said they purposely separate Briggs and Asher because they can't keep their hands off each other and will not play with others if they're in the same activity! Ha!
And probably the most exciting thing that has occurred this month is..........................................
 Piper taught herself to ride a bike without training wheels!!!!!!!!!!!
 She's been working on this for a month or so, determined not to have either parent assist her in any way, shape, or form!
 And one day she got on the bike and took off!  She was so excited and so were we!!  There's been a lot of bike riding going on around here!

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