First Day of Preschool for Briggs!

Oh my goodness how big does Briggs look!!??  And he's even trying to pose for the camera!  Big steps this morning!! He woke up bright and early at 4:30!  I think he may have been excited.  Maybe?? I made him go back to bed but he got up again at 6 am so I'm not sure if he slept during that time.  We've been talking about getting ready for school this past month.  Briggs has been adamant that "he not go to school!" But after meeting his teachers, I think he finally decided that school might be fun and has been acting a little excited about it. This morning he was ready to get dressed and we talked about taking his picture so he began practicing what his smile would look like.  I'm not kidding!  Once pictures were over, we went to celebrate the big day with donuts!  He had to take big bear with him because that's his fondest friend as of today.  And then we were the first to arrive at school.  He was ready to go in!  Briggs gave me a hug, kiss and said goodbye!  No tears or grabbing on to me.  He didn't ask me to hold him!  None of that clingy stuff. What a difference a year has made and even just in the last six months!  I'm excited for him because he has matured so much!  He has some fun teachers and his buddy Asher is in class with him!  It's going to be a great year!

 He was all smiles at pick up.  He said he "caught" a fish and a shark and played in the water.  "I share mom.  I not hit!"  Ha!  And when I said did you have fun he enthusiastically replied, "Yaaaaaaa!"

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