Briggs at 4 1/2!

 Life with Briggs is pretty easy and fun most days!  He's a terribly picky eater and he can be stubborn. But he sure likes to smile, make others smile, and have fun!  When we say "Hey Briggs.  What time is it?"  He normally replies with, "It's time to have fun!!!"
 He and his best bud, Asher playing Spiderman!
 This face below just cracks me up!  Part evil look, part smile!  ???  And Emerson looking like, "huh? What?"  Her car seat takes up the entire grocery cart!  I should take a picture with her and all the food surrounding her at the end!

 He loves school, friends, and watching tv, swimming, cars, animals, dinosaurs, and making his baby sister laugh!  He is quick to apologize and admit his wrong, but is so ornery too! We love our Briggsey Bear!

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