The End of July...

The end of July, means the end of summer is near.  Some parents love this but I am particularly not fond of it this year.  I get these sad butterflies in my tummy!  School and schedules and waking up early is around the corner.  
 Towards the end of July, Briggs came down with some weird virus that caused him to fever for four days and have a tummy bug as well.  It was a lot like the flu.  Emerson got the tummy bug too but no fever and she wasn't sickly for days like Briggs.  Poor buddy did not feel well!
 After being cooped up together, I took all three kids to the mall to run one errand, which turned into several errands, which turned into lunch at the mall and several other things.  But this unprepared mama was not expecting The Great Diaper Blowout of 2015 while we were there.  I thankfully had diapers, but no wipes and not change of clothes, so we walked around in Northpark looking like this below! (Because she was unable to sit in the car seat/stroller because of said Blowout! Her rolls sure are cute though!  Lugging three hyper kids around and riding escalators together is not cute!  
After everyone became completely well, we left for Oklahoma.  We stopped to see the kids' great grandma Homa first, then stayed at Grammy's house.  Aunt JuJu came for dinner and gave the kids these silly faces notebooks.  Instead of using the stickers to make silly faces in the book, they decided to make their own faces silly!  Hehe!

 Aunt JuJu is fun!  She helped Piper pull a few pranks on me and she let them play games on her phone.  You're always a child's favorite if you allow games to be played on your phone!
 Grammy, JuJu, and Piper
 After Grammy's, we drove to Grandma Judy's & Papa Roger's house.  The highlights were sleeping and playing in a tent Papa bought them and set up in the living room and picking tomatoes, peppers, and squash out of Grandma's garden.  My kids are completely city-fied though because they were so squeamish around the plants and the bees.  I didn't like the bumble bees either!

 After Grandma's and Papa's, we drove to OKC and Piper had her eyes rechecked.  She needed glasses again.  I really think she needed them this past year as well but that's another story for another day!  She chose these red ones this time around.  After the eye appointment, we stayed with Aunt Sheryl and had fun swimming most of our short time there!
 Emerson really loved being at Aunt Sheryl's.  Really, she loved being at everyone's house.  She did not like Grammy's church nursery!  I was paged twice but the pager never worked so I was the lucky person called out in the middle of the sermon as all eyes watched me walk out of the sanctuary.  Fun, fun!
And, on the very last day of July, Piper was invited to spend the night at Nora's house!  But before they went to Nora's, the Wallace kids came to our house to play and eat dinner.  Here they are at the dinner table being silly!

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