Random This & That!

Piper had her last swim meet the on July 7.  If you can spot her she is smiling and has orange goggles on top of her head!  This was our only indoor swim meet!  By the end of the swim team season, she really loved it and wants to do it again!
 Sweet girl first thing in the morning!
 Asher and Briggs being silly after we sang songs at a local nursing home.  The director handed out little bags to our kids, which contained pirate patches.  Briggs is being part pirate, part snaggle tooth Wallykazam!  It's a cartoon he likes...
 Pirate Briggs said "Pirates don't like kisses.  Arrgh!"  After I asked him for a kiss!  He even gave me a pirate fist!
 Piper lost her fourth tooth.  Pulled it out all by herself without shedding a tear or screaming!
 Grammy came for an overnight visit.  We packed in some fun.  We had an afternoon movie day in which Michael put quilts on the windows to darken the living room and I set up a snack bar for us. Then the following morning Grammy painted with the kids; however, she was the most interested and ended up painting their projects for them!  Ha!
 Briggs has really loved Legos for some time now but he has watched the Lego movie a few times this summer and began receiving the Lego magazine in the mail each month.  Those two things have really peaked his interest and he's begun to build more intricate things like this car!  So cool!
 Emerson has been doing this at night if I give her a blanket.  It starts wrapped around her body and ends up as her pillow!  I am using her sleep sack more regularly though because that makes me nervous!

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