The End of Summer...

This summer has been great.  It's been really busy and loaded with activity, tiring on mama, and not one bit boring!  But I loved it and wish school didn't have to start back!

 There was an end of the year banquet for swim team.  The kids dressed like rock stars!  Piper really ended up enjoying swim team.  Her favorite was the daily practices because she got to swim and see her friends every day.  The meets were intimidating!  Below is Campbell and Nora at Hawaiian Falls water park.  It was an end of the year celebratory thing the swim team does together.  Campbell's mom graciously took Piper!
We had an annual summertime lemonade stand with Nora.  They split the proceeds and Piper used to it towards purchasing a watch!  She loves her watch!  
 This was Piper's first year attending Pine Cove In the City.  It is a daytime church camp.  She obvioulsy loved it but I think it stirred her heart in the area of her relationship with God!  I'm so thankful she had this week to focus on that and be with special friends! Her counselor for the week went by Koala Balla!  She did not reveal her real name until the last day.  But I cannot even remember what it was.  Koala Balla gave Piper an encouraging certificate at the end stating that Piper was compassionate to those in need and expressive in the way she communicates to those around her! Sweet and pretty accurate! I was a proud mama!
 More Pine Cove...

 She attended with three friends from school...Emory, Campbell, and Nora
 She began a little journal that week.  So sweet!
 And this is Super Piper on superhero day of camp!

We had some friends over to water slide!  This was the only time we got the slip and slide out!

 Michael treated us to a Texas Rangers game one afternoon.  The weather ended up being breezy and cooler, especially in the shade!  No complaints here!

 And, a very special treat Piper was invited to be a part of, was preparing and hosting a tea party with Nora!  Nora's grandma, Moe, asked if she could take the girls for a few hours and led them in preparing the food and setting up the table and then serving me and Kate!  While we ate lunch and sipped on tea, Moe played with our younger children and fed them lunch upstairs!  Sooooo Nice!! Piper was extremely excited and loved every minute of it!  I love it when other adults invest in her life!  She loves it too!  I think they had a fantastic time and may have been a little crazy for Moe!

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Dustin & Kate said...

This is such a sweet little post :) And I just have to say I LOVE Piper's journal! That makes my heart so proud and happy for her! She is such a special girl!