2nd Grade!!


You were extremely nervous about getting Mrs. Seger as a teacher because you had heard she was mean and she yells.  You even have heard her yell you told me.  You were nervous you would not have any friends in your class either.  But at Meet the Teacher, your nervousness went away once Mrs. Seger gave you a hug and you saw that Nora was in your class!  You even told me Mrs. Seger was nice and you were excited about Monday!  WooHoo!
 Monday came and went and there were not tears or meltdowns.  Really the first week of school went great for you for the most part!  You started out sitting by Mimi and Ethan and now you sit by Emily and Ethan.  You are carrying a Sophia the First lunchbox and backpack because Mommy said you had to use last years one more year!  You weren't so thrilled about it, but you're handling it fine!  You were most excited about wearing your new rainbow tennis shoes with the mattress inside!  Haha!  

 My prayer for you this year (and one in which I have stolen from another mom!) is that the Lord changes you and matures you in ways only evidenced by His hand working in your life.  He knows where you are weak and need Him and He knows where your strengths abound! And as always that you are a sweet friend who encourages others...
 I think 2nd grade is going to be pretty great!
 You're the best!
 And I'm excited you still want to be a dentist after two years of claiming that occupation as your own!  Mama might need some good dental work in her olden years.
 P-Diddles, I love you!
Love, Mommy

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