Halloween 2015

When Halloween falls on a Saturday, it's like a breath of fresh air.  So much less stressful!  Halloween 2015 was fun.  Leading up to it, the only thing we did was paint pumpkins.  Piper submitted hers into her school's pumpkin patch contest.  She won the "Boo-tastic" award! Briggs wanted to paint too because Sissy was!
 The weather on Halloween was great!  Cool but not too cold!  All month, Briggs planned to be Batman.  But an hour before we were to leave he went through a few costume changes and decided to be a Ninja Turtle.  I can't ever keep straight if the blue one is Leonardo or Michelangelo!

 Piper was Miss Captain America!

 And Emerson, well...she's the third child!  I promise to dress her up next year!  She's a pretty cute little pumpkin thought!  ;)

 Before trick or treating we had dinner and visited at the home of someone in our neighborhood.  This is our entire family dressed up.  A first for us.  We might need to coordinate something a little better next year if we plan to continue this.  I came up with my burglar outfit pretty fast, and Michael...well, he was on his own!  A hippie, burglar, two super heroes, and my baby money bag!
 We joined some other families to trick or treat from our neighborhood that have second grade girls.  The streets were packed!  Briggs tired out pretty soon.  We had fun and slept hard that night!

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