October & November

When I see this, I think ornery!  He's a toot!
Mashed potato face.  Those eyes!!!
I said smile and got this!  Goofball!
Emerson LOVES to play peek-a-boo!  She's peeking through those little fingers!
Briggs being funny in Emerson's car seat.
Piper and I had a rough night one evening and I walked into the kitchen to find this sweet note!  
Briggs likes eating whole apples now, but refuses to let me cut the peel off.  
This little face looks sad but she was quite happy.  Just wouldn't smile for the camera.  I love this little look!
Briggs declared that he was making his teachers a picture and I was going to write "I Love My Teachers" for him.  So I suggested he draw a portrait of his teachers to give them and I'd write that sentence on it.  Every teacher wants a self portrait in which they have piggy snouts, right?!?!  Love!
Piper and I had the privilege to attend Miracle on 34th Street at the Dallas Children's Theater recently.  Our neighbor, Sarah, was a cute little elf in the production!  And Piper got to sit on Santa's lap at the end as well!

These two love each other!
Piper went to a three week basketball clinic with Caroline and Nora. Piper is about to begin her first season of basketball soon!
Oklahoma State was playing Baylor and Piper came out in this outfit for her pj's.  We are indoctrinating this child well!
Poor Briggs has been on breathing treatments for 2 weeks now.  The cough if driving all of us crazy, but I do love how he still manages to have fun and be creative with his Lego's during each treatment! They are no fun!
 And this sweet smile to end my post!

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