Emerson has been sick a lot in the last month and teething so we've had a few, less than stellar nights! She is now 14 months old, walking and trying to gibber, gabber!  She is one serious chick, who loves her mama!  But she has this little silly side that peeks through, at home mostly!  And as you can see in the pictures, she's started "cheesing" it up for the camera!  As soon as I pull out my phone to snap a pic, she scrunches up her nose no matter what she is doing!  Hah!
The Emerson Face!
The Ham Face!

She loves, loves, loves playing outside!

 Poor baby was so sick!  Look at her eyes!

Big Sis knew Mama needed a break one day from holding the fussy gussy!  I love watching the bond they are forming!  Piper loves Emerson and gets mad at her all in a matter of seconds!  Especially when Emerson pulls her hair!  Ouch!  

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