January flew by!  Here's some fun moments along the way!
Emerson is my 'accessories' gal!  She loves shoes, purses, necklaces, and sunglasses!
Her first lollipop!  We were at the doctor a lot in January and sister did not want to stay in her stroller so Mama was desperate!  The sucker was a miracle worker!
I asked Piper to clean off her desk.  Laying each seashell along the desk was her idea of cleaning!  :-)
Briggs wearing my boots!  ha!
Emerson loves sitting in the little chairs at the library and playing with the toys and books!  
I'm trying to raise a genius!  ;)
Piper and her friend, Addison, attended a cooking class together.  They cooked eggs and French toast.
Silly girl!
Another doctor visit.  The girls were sharing a sweet moment together!
Hahaha!  I could not resist.  He loves putting on my shoes.  And he loves wearing only his undies!
Briggs had 50s day at school!  
One night Briggs was wearing this hat (incorrectly) and kept saying, "Helllooo Ladies!"  Cracked me up!
At our church, they have these family worship nights.  They hosted some games afterwards and one of them involved feeding cereal to another family member!  It was funny to watch!
Piper, Maggie, and I had a little girls time one Saturday afternoon.  Ice Cream and manicures!

Emerson wearing a multitude of headbands.  Again--accessories!
She loves bread!  Plain.  From the package. Ick!
This is the Emerson face.  Very serious and suspicious!  
Tag teaming unloading the dishwasher!

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