Lots of Pictures

Piper and Grandma...We went for a visit last Friday and Saturday.

The 3 above were taken today after she tried peas for the 1st time. She did good considering it was her 1st time and considering her mom has no idea what she's doing!

Piper eating her flower.
Papa and Piper
Funny face
Piper, Lily, and Kinley...Chandra and Lindsey came to Ardmore last Tuesday and spent the night with us. They helped me do a little bit around the house, but it was more of a fun thing than a work thing!

Her inquisitive look.
After giving Piper her last feeding of the day, she's usually out. This particular evening she raised her hand above her head like this. I didn't place it like that. So funny! Right before one of Piper's naps, Uncle Allen insisted on rocking her. We never rock her to sleep and the few times we have tried she screams in disgust! He was able to rock her to sleep with no problem and then fell asleep with her!
Piper and I have been pretty busy as you can tell. This past week, we had company as I mentioned and then Piper and I visited my parents, my sister, and Chandra too. We just arrived home last night! Daddy was glad to see us!

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