Tour de la casa

For all of you who keep asking to see our rent house here's some pics. Michael did a great job picking this out. He found it and decided on it w/out me seeing it. Usually that would never happen but it worked out perfect! It is pretty nice and has brand new carpet so that is a huge, huge bonus especially since Piper spends a lot of time on the floor! I think my favorite part is the big kitchen and the location. It's located on the edge of the historic district so we have a nice neighborhood to take walks and look at beautiful older homes! The house does have some outdated features but nothing that bugs me to death. After all, this is just a temporary place! This pic is the front. It has a pretty red door, although I think it clashes with the red brick. And, it has a nice green storm cellar in the front flower bed! Ha...I think the green color was suppose to help it "blend in" w/the plant life!! :-) This is the back patio deck. It's very nice. We need some beautiful patio furniture to enhance it even more!
This is the lovely wallpaper in the guest bedroom. At least once a day I look at it and think "What possessed you to pick this?"
Living room...The front door is right in the middle there. I like to keep it open all day b/c it has a glass screen door that lets you see out and brings in the sunshine. Also, the windows in the living room have plantation shutters on them!
Couch...Please note, I did not hang anything b/c I don't want to fix the walls before we move out. I only hung a few things if there was already a nail hole. In the living room there were no nail holes!
TV cabinet. Chandra and Lindsey helped me decorate it!
Michael's big man chair!

My kitchen is complete with saloon doors!! Michael likes them open but I like to close them!
The saloon doors lead into the large utility room. Sorry, I didn't pick up for you! To the left of the washer is a door that leads into a small bonus room. It was a former photography dark room. Chandra calls it the dungeon. My nieces liked playing in it, but we filled it up w/boxes for storage!
Another wallpaper sample! This is found in the dining room and kitchen. I only thought I loved tulips until I saw this. No, I don't even notice it anymore.

Dining area
Kitchen cabinets. Lindsey and Chandra helped me decorate this area.
Kitchen counter space. I didn't have this in my old house!
The rest of the kitchen. I think I have 8 or so drawers in this kitchen. It's luxury let me tell you! In my old house I had 4 itty bitty drawers! Even though this is outdated a bit, I really do enjoy it!

Master bedroom.
Mistreatment...Chandra helped me tack these curtains up. I have a bay (kind of) window area. I can't hang a rod b/c it's a rental so she came up w/this! Brilliant!
Piper's room. The changing dresser is on the left and the rocker to the right. It looks like her old room pretty much! It is messy also!
We also have another bedroom but it is hodge podge and cluttered w/boxes; but there is a bed so anyone who'd like to come visit and stay is welcome any time!

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