15 months!

Piper is 15 months now and she is walking all the time! I love it! (we could not upload the video of her walking b/c of software problems) She has also taken a liking to playing 'dress up' w/anything made of cloth! She is eating pretty good (which is not always the case) and we'll see how much she weighs in a few weeks at her well-check. She definitely has some long legs and is going to be a tall girl! She has not been napping good at all and I'm about to tear my hair out! She dropped the morning nap about a month ago and was sleeping 2 1/2-3 hrs. each afternoon but in recent weeks, she has only been sleeping 1-1 1/2 hrs! This is not enough b/c she is cranky! So if you have any advice please feel free to share!! I've tried darkening her room, leaving her in there to cry, rocking her, switching times, bringing the 2nd nap back, etc...you name it! I'm out of ideas! But, on a positive note...we are having a lot of fun w/her and really enjoying her mobility. She is Daddy's girl currently and he loves it! Piper playing 'dress up' w/ribbon and fabric scraps.
She always is walking around with something in both hands!
Her new favorite hangout is the first step and she must have her snack cup in hand!
Walking up the driveway with a paper in her hand. Michael said he has taught her how to fetch! Now, I need to teach her how to mop!! ;-)


Hannah E. said...

That's exciting that Piper is walking now! I think it helps them with boredom. Of course, the negative side is that it's easier (and quicker) for them to escape and get into stuff!! At least that's Parker. The toilet still fascinates her.

Hannah E. said...

Oh, and I have no advice on the napping thing. Jonah was TERRIBLE at it. But if you can tell she still is needing her longer naps, then her body will probably figure it out and start sleeping longer. They can definitely go through little phases and then get back into the old routine. I've seen that with both Parker and Jonah and my brother's kids. Sometimes I think, "Oh no, it's over!" and then they'll go back to their old ways after a few weeks. Let's hope that's the case!