Pictures and Presents and Whatever Else I Can Think To Write!

Remember when this little chickadee was too scared to take a bath??? What happened to her?

Below is evidence of her crazy obnoxious hair twirling skills! I do not have a thumb sucker; no, I have a hair twirler! This was right after she woke up one morning this week and I discovered the huge twirled knot!
A bit blurry, but still sweet--snuggling w/her daddy who she absolutely adores!
Piper's 2nd birthday is tomorrow and one of her presents is going to be this baby bunk bed that was given to me from Santa Claus one year as a kid. I loved this. It had strawberry bedding, complete with pillows and sheets for my babies! I decided that this would be a great present for Piper and that I wanted to update it a bit. So here is the before shots...

And, the after shots!! I'm pleased with how it turned out. I just bought some fun fabric at Hobby Lobby and basically sewed an enclosed pillowcase around the existing bedding and pillow, added some trim on the pillow and spray painted the wood! I really wanted a dark hot pink spray paint but that was impossible to find so this orchid color works b/c it is in the fabric but not my first choice! Oh, and I didn't have the time or patience to make sheets for it. She can just use her blankies until I get around to that! What do you think?

Piper has another ear infection. This would be #3 since scheduling her surgery in May. The date cannot get her soon enough! I am getting over another bout of strep throat, but thankfully, the pregnancy sickness is over!! I am 16 weeks today and have heard the heartbeat twice. It's slower so I think it is a boy. We find out on May 24th at 9 am! Pray that everything shows up normal and healthy on this little one also! I'm definitely growing all over, especially where I do not want to be growing! I'm quite hungry all the time and I've had a little more energy lately but not like when I was pregnant with Piper. It's different when you have a toddler and you are pregnant! This poor baby isn't getting near the attention and thought as Piper did, but he or she will not know that! ha! We have Piper's 2nd birthday party on Saturday with a few of her little friends. I'm stealing my friend, Hannah's, idea and doing a simple zoo theme since Piper loves animals. I'll post pictures!

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