Her Many Faces

Happy Face
Silly Face
Sad Face
Mad Face

Piper has a book that teaches her about facial expressions and has a mirror in it. Recently, it has become one of her favorites and she has learned the faces well and I have memorized the words pretty much so while we were in the car for about 45 minutes the other day I recited the book from memory and I was able to get her to make each face on command! Sorry the pics are blurry!

Piper has really been saying a lot of sentences and repeating what I say. For example, this morning I said, "Daddy has to go to work" and she said exactly that. She has also been having "pretend conversations" out loud. This week, I heard her in the car saying, "It's okay. I hold you Wea (Olivia). I hold you Shaworl (Sheryl). I hold you Seph (Seth). I hold you Twebor (Trebor). K, K??" I looked back at her and smiled and she looked at me w/the face that said, "what, why are you looking at me??!" Ha! And, one other neat thing she did today when we went to Hobby Lobby was... I noticed my friend Melody's car was in the parking lot and she has a little girl in Piper's class at church named Katie. I didn't say anything at all about Katie being there or anything about the car and Piper pointed at Melody's car and said, "Katie, Katie. I want to see Katie." Jaw drop! I couldn't believe it! Ha! I'm starting to see a 2 year old coming out in her!

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