Easter 2010

We had a great Easter weekend. Michael was able to take Thursday off and he had Good Friday off also! Friday, his brother's family and Grammy & Papa came to stay w/us. It was fun to hang out and be together. I love being w/family on holidays. One year we didn't go to any family member's house for Easter when it was just me and Michael and I was so sad! Anyway, on Saturday we took the kids to a local Easter egg hunt. Jonah was the only kid out of bunch that was super pumped and competitive. Piper was scared to death and Maggie was just fine w/her filling her small basket and being done! We did have a hunt at our house after that one and Piper liked it then! We had the big Easter dinner on Saturday and invited Ms. Shirley, a widow from our church, to join us. After that, Michael's brother left and then on Sunday Grammy & Papa went to church w/us before going home. Oh, but I almost forgot the biggest drama of the entire weekend!!! I'll make a long story short. Piper got into Grammy's blood pressure pills and took one while we were not looking and we had to call Poison Control. I was pretty much freaking out! The medicine she took wasn't as harmful as some or so the PC guy told us. We had to closely monitor her for several hours after she ingested it and the PC operator called me a few times to check on her. We also had to check on her every 30 minutes during her nap to make sure her blood pressure wasn't lowering or anything. Thankfully, she didn't react to the medicine and she was her normal self the entire day, but whew, so scary for this mama! The rest of the day was much less dramatic! The day ended sweetly with me rocking Piper right before bed and she said, "I pray" so w/a little guidance from me, she prayed, "Dear God, I wuv you. Amen!" Then she asked for her bed and went to sleep!

Easter 2010...look to the right on the side bar of my blog and that is Easter 2009!

Uncle Matt, Aunt Amy, Jonah, Maggie--this is a random side note but Amy, my sis-in-law, went to high school, in Houston, w/the former owner of our house--who now lives in Corpus Christi I think and she keeps up w/him still on facebook...small world!

Easter 2010 w/Papa & Grammy
Easter 2009 w/Papa & Grammy...Papa doesn't keep his eyes open very well! ha! And, Piper looks so excited both years! She is not my picture taker!

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