Funny Things!

No pics yet of our vacations! We cannot find the USB cord so please be patient with me! Vacation was interesting and I'll wait to write all about it when I post the pics!! It's been busy around our house. I'm determined to get 90% of the nursery completed by Sunday. So far, only the walls have been painted and that is huge. I love the color I chose and think it is all going to look great once finished. In addition to working on the nursery, I've been finishing up Piper's room too! Madness!! My sewing machine clunked out on me too so I'm borrowing a friends! We only have 7 weeks until 'bubby' gets here...still have no name! That's the latest of the updates I guess!

Piper has been saying some funny things and I've been trying to remember so that I can post them on here!

1. On vacation she learned how to tattle! And, she learned "Gimmee it!" (Give me it!)--Lovely, huh?!
2. The other day, I told her we were driving to pick up Daddy at the refinery where he works and she said, "Mommy, where are we going? To the refrigerator?" Ha! When I corrected here, she said, "the finery!"
3. Yesterday, we were headed to Hobby Lobby and instead of saying we were going to the store, I told her we were going to HL. A whole 2 hrs. worth of questioning began after that! "Where is HL's daddy? Where is HL's mommy? Who is HL?, etc." I said, "HL is a store, like Walmart is a store. HL isn't a person." That was not enough! She kept asking the questions over and over. When we arrived there, she kept asking where HL was and finally said in frustration, "Where is she?!?" Ha! I never convinced her that HL was not a person!
4. I think she has an imaginary friend already b/c she talks about "Boom-Boom" all the time. She told us that Boom-boom lives at Grammy's and she 'calls' and chats with Boom-boom and talks about him/her every day. When I ask her who Boom-boom is, she giggles!
5. When you do something to her that she doesn't want done (like tickling, spank, etc.) she has been saying w/a pretty mean scowl, "Don't do that!"
6. And, lastly (I know I've forgotten something else from this week!) she is beginning to talk positively about Bubby coming to live w/us. One night while swinging she told us that she would share her swing set w/bubby and she'd swing on the big girl swing so he could have the baby swing. Then last night, she told me that she'd let bubby take a bath in Piper's bath! And, I set aside a bunch of baby toys and she's finally started calling them bubby's toys instead of Piper's! Maybe there is hope of acceptance from her with her brother!

I'm off to begin sewing curtains!!!

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Kat said...

Can't wait to see pics of the nursery!