Ft. Walton Beach 2010

This year, we traveled to Ft. Walton Beach and vacationed in a condo right along the beach with my sister and her family. We pretty much swam in the ocean or pool all day (except if it was naptime) and then at night get ready and we drove to Destin and ate enormous amounts of seafood. I did gain 4 lbs! I loved the white sand there! The process of planning this vacation began right after we found out I was pregnant in February. Maybe it was doomed from the start...ha...just kidding! My sister's family and our family decided we'd venture to Florida this year. Michael and I thought being 7 months pregnant at the time was manageable even with a two year...ahh, it would be nothing! Then, the oil spill occurred and so we thought, 'well, maybe it is a good thing b/c being 7 months pregnant might not be the best and traveling over 12 hours w/a two year old does seem a little crazy.' But, the oil never showed up at our resort location so the vacation was still on! We were ready, we were excited (I was a little nervous about a 2 year old in the car), but we were going to do great!! The car ride wasn't that big of a deal. The first day wasn't so bad, but then the terrible twos reared it's ugly head and we thought for sure that the devil had possessed our daughter by the 2nd day! It wasn't pretty people! The girl needed her 11-12 hours of sleep and she was not getting it and she was letting the world know about it with every fiber of her being! This mama even had a few meltdowns time after time!! Then, we got the bright idea to maybe have her sleep in our closet and you know what--she slept so much better and so much longer and she began to get happier the next to last day and by the last day she was having a ball...on the last day! Oh, the Lord has a great sense of humor, doesn't He??!! Anyway, with all that said, we did have fun. It wasn't all bad but I'm pretty sure I'll remember my crazy, fit-throwing two year old and this vacation for the rest of my life and I'm pretty sure family vacations will be postponed for a few years. That's alright by me. Michael and I need to get away alone anyway! :-) Oh, and b/c of all the drama I didn't get many good pics and I sure didn't get a family picture. Boo Hoo!
This is Piper in the closet sleeping!
Finally, a preggo picture of me! I'm 7 months pregnant with our nameless baby boy! Please excuse the horrible hair do I've got going on!
Piper hanging out w/her cousin Anna! She didn't want to take a picture, but this was her face the majority of the trip...I posted it just so you could have a visual!
This is Piper having a really good hour on a morning after she slept good! She really had fun in the sand if she allowed herself to!! She didn't care for the ocean too much but she really liked the pool!
Piper did reach a few milestones while we were away! She learned how to tattle, pinch , and to say, "Gimme it!" Nice, huh?! haha. On the way to Florida we took two days to drive but on the way back we came home in one day! She did awesome in the car! I would have never guessed that she'd do so well! I did enjoy getting to spend time w/Sheryl, Trebor, and the kids even though it was drama-filled! And, I was glad to be able to spend a week w/Michael. We make a great team!

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Martha said...

You look beautiful pregnant, Shelly!