Piper's Room

Okay, so I think the kids rooms are complete and ready! In 2 weeks, I've finished Piper's big girl room and decorated a nursery! I'm sick of sewing! I wish I was one of those people who could just purchase a bed in a bag and be done but I'm not! Piper stayed in the same room as her nursery so we didn't have to repaint or anything. Although, I think her room looks quite boring now compared to her brothers! I decided to keep the same decor and color scheme. In order to do that I had to find a lime green bedspread, find/make a bed skirt and then buy 1 more yard of the leopard print that is in the curtains that she already had for pillows and get busy sewing! She has a full size bed (that we already owned) but I decided to turn it sideways so that she has more room on the sides so she cannot fall off and it opens up the floor space to play in her room!
The euro pillows are what I just finished today. The pillow forms have always been on our bed but since we purchased a headboard we no longer use them. The pink fabric is leftover scraps I still had from working on her nursery. I had made that small one for the rocking chair before she was born.
This is the bed skirt I made last week. You can't tell, but underneath is a dark hot pink fabric and then the tulle is layered on top. I did all of it with hot glue!! I did have to sew a seam on the dark pink fabric underneath so it wouldn't fray! I'm proud to say that this little project cost me less than $20! Oh, and I found the bedspread at TJ Maxx.
I made these curtains last year with leftover scraps!!
And, I moved her mirror and canvas paintings to this wall. I still need to find a dresser for her! I'd also like to find a funky rug for her room, get her some pink polka dotted sheets, and buy a couple of the pillows they have at Hobby Lobby to finish her bed. It's pretty good for now though!

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dlevy said...

Really cute and oh so chic! We will need to come for a visit and see your handiwork when we return from Tahoe. Hugs to Piper & love to all!