Briggsy Bear's Big Night

Look at this handsome little feller!! He's not so little though! Briggs had a big day today! He moved into size 4 diapers! Let me put this into perspective for you folks w/out kiddos...that's a big size. Piper wears a size 4 diaper at bedtime! Piper is 2, almost 3. Briggs is 3 months, almost 4 months...see the comparison! Ha!In addition to getting bigger in his derriere...and, yes I had to look up how to spell that! He rolled over from belly to back twice! He's trying to roll over back to belly too but hasn't quite gotten it! He's close though! And lastly, he ate baby cereal for the 1st time!
What is this junk his face is so obviously asking??
Well, whatever it is I think I like it! Yes, he made some funny faces but he ended up eating ALL of it! So, he's officially eating solids!

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Mendy said...

I cannot believe how big he is!! The girls wears size 4 diapers too!! So funny. He is so adorable though. Glad you all are doing well. Enjoy the upcoming baby food making. Lov ya