Big Boy!

Briggs has graduated to the big boy high chair! He can now join us during dinner time at eye level instead of on the floor in his bouncer! I swear he looks like me as a baby in this picture but I can't ever see it in person; only in pictures! Briggs is continuing to improve as he eats his cereal. He has been swallowing it pretty good and he was starting to act like the amount I was giving him was not enough so I've increased it, but he is still only eating it once a day.
He continues to be all smiles. He loves to 'talk' and has really started to growl loudly! I think he's beginning to realize that if he wants to be noticed, he's got to be louder than big sister! Our house is not one for quiet people to come for a visit!
And lastly, he's been rolling from his tummy to his back in the crib at nap time and night time. I know, I know...I break the rules of the American Academy of Pediatrics because you are not suppose to have a baby sleeping on their tummy but I do! The rolling over has been somewhat of a problem this week because it is preventing him from getting all his rest! Sometimes he will fall asleep on his back and other times he'll just lay there and talk and talk until he gets bored and starts to fuss a lot! He'll get used to it soon though I'm sure of that!

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MelanieJ781 said...

He is so big and cute. He looks like a lot of fun.