Happy Valentine's Day!

Rose are red. Violets are blue. The Little Levy's love you!! Happy Valentine's Day!
Piper's friend, Katie stopped by and they exchanged Valentine's...Katie gave her some sunglasses which is right up this fully accessorized girl's alley!
We've been up to a lot at home considering all the winter weather. Yay for the sunshine this week! I've begun doing a little "preschool" with Piper two days a week! Last week we started with the letter "A" and talking about apples, Adam, and many other "A" words. This is her using a cut apple as a stamp! She loves painting, coloring, and cutting with scissors!
Briggs is 4 months old tomorrow and is still such a delight! I'm really enjoying his laid back attitude!
He has begun to grab at toys and at my face a little! He's also drooling more saliva than 10 adults combined can produce...hence the bib in the picture!

This morning I asked Piper if she knew that today was Valentine's Day and she said, "Ya!" (she always says yes when it is really no!) Then I said, "What do we do on Valentine's?" She replied, "It's Christmas!!!!!" hah! She was pretty pumped! Then at lunch Michael brought home a rose for her and she said with such excitement, "Daddy brought me home a plant!!!" ha! Oh, she cracks me up lately!

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Eric and Lar Holquin said...

daddy brought me a plant-bahahah i love it:)