I wish I had a picture to document tonight but I didn't take my camera! We took Piper to 'big church' tonight for the first time. We're beginning that training process! She did really good for her first time. She lasted 40 min. 10 minutes of that was the sermon. She thought she saw a woman she knows and tried to run to her, I grabbed her hand, and she screamed! We made a quick exit to the nursery to say the least!! Michael took her in to sit down while I dropped Briggs off at the nursery. He said she kept looking around and started whispering un-audibly so he said, "What?" After a bit, she finally said in a louder whisper, "Where's God?" Then during the baptism she was really confused. She thought the girl was still in the water. She thought the girl was drinking the water, and I think at one point she called her a god-girl. We tried explaining to her that it was called baptism and that happens after we accept Jesus into our life but of course that is still way above her level of reasoning. Anyway, it was cute to see how 'in awe' she was of the new experience. Next time, I'll come with even better snacks and better activities to occupy her! I could tell she felt like a big girl tonight and she really was!

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