Briggs is 6 months!

I can't believe my baby is 6 months already! He is an extremely happy baby even when he's teething and sick! He loves watching his sister and pretty much any person at that. He's only been afraid of people on a couple of times. He does love his mama very much!!! He is in a size 4 diaper still but very close to a size 5. At night, he wears a size 6 to prevent any leaks! He wears a 24 month romper and 18 month pj's. He's in 12 month pants but they are too long and almost too tight in the tummy! He rolls over but not constant rolling to get anywhere. He scoots across the floor to get what he wants! He is always chewing on a toy! He cannot sit up even in the boppy pillow. He's too heavy for that! And, his cute chubby thighs won't allow him to sit in a bumbo seat because they get stuck! But he does great in his high chair and his jumperoo. He only sits in a bouncer seat at church because every time I put him in ours he is not a fan! He loves being on his tummy and does the 'airplane' a lot. He is a drool machine!! His first tooth came in two weeks ago and his second one just popped through! He is suppose to be (and was) nursing 4 times a day and eating 3 solid meals also but when he became sick with bronchitis and then pneumonia he has been getting an additional 2-3 nursing periods in the middle of the night. I do not know how much he weighs yet but my guess is he'll weigh in close to 22 pounds. Piper barely weighed 20 lbs when she turned 1!!! His hair is light, blonde and I am pretty sure his eyes are going to stay blue! He jabbers and says dadadada all the time and a very 'airy' hi. When sister is not around he squeals and growls a lot! When she's around he's much more quiet! So far, he's eaten squash, carrots, peas, green beans, and sweet potatoes for veggies. And, peaches, pears, and bananas for fruits along with rice cereal as a daily staple! He gobbles up his food quite quickly! Piper is going to have to learn to eat faster because brother will be stealing her food pretty soon! To brag on him, every time I pick him up for the nursery at church they say, "He's such a happy guy. He's so easy going."etc...but on Sunday night Ms. Mary said, "I want to know what you ate while you were pregnant b/c I think every mom should eat what you ate so that their babies would be as good as he is!" Too bad it wasn't that easy! He still has pneumonia but the xrays, today, showed that it has improved 50% and we will begin breathing treatments tomorrow. We are so ready to be back to great health and sleeping through the night once again! Despite his illness, he is still a super happy little guy! I love him so much!

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