Michael's birthday & Our first Easter egg hunt!

Michael turned 33 on April 15th which is the same day Briggs turned 6 months! He was able to take a fatigue day that night, which means he had another night off during this turnaround, making it his 3rd or 4th day off in about 1 1/2 months! We didn't party like crazy or anything! It was quite low key! Michael wanted Luigi's pepperoni pizza (best and cheapest pizza in town!) and for me to make him his favorite chocolate cake (that fell apart just a bit.) It's representative of my state of mind this month! So, we ate a lot, played with the kids and vegged out on the couch as we caught up on all our shows! He kept saying, "It's so nice to just lay on the couch and relax." He doesn't get to do that much. He gets home about 6 or 7am, goes straight to bed and then wakes up at 3 pm, plays with the kids, eats dinner, and leaves at 5:15 pm! Not much lounging going on! Poor guy! Piper has been a snugly bug lately. I love it!
The day before the birthday celebration we had a little Easter egg hunt with our OPAT group (Oklahoma Parents as Teachers).
Sweet boy just enjoying the view!
I didn't realize that Piper left the house in her hand-me-down, too big, on the wrong feet, flip flops! Nice!
Michael was able to go with us b/c it was about 45 minutes before he had to go to work! It was super windy that day and right after the hunt it started raining like mad, then hailing, then tornadoing...not a word I know but it seemed to flow nicely. The sirens were going off by the time I got home. Awesome!
Piper and Claire. This was the last smile I got from her because the hunt stressed her out. She still didn't totally understand the fun to be had in hunting eggs. I think it actually produces anxiety b/c of the pressure to find them even when they are laying in an open field not hidden! I am beginning to see this in her personality when it comes to learning and understanding things.

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Kat said...

Piper is getting so big and SO cute!