Hoppin' Around

I think the title of this post explains it all...we've been hopping all over the place the past few weeks while Michael is busy with turnaround. It's been fun but I'm ready to relax at home for a bit!
We went to Clinton and stayed with Chandra and with Grammy. Chandra and I were able to get pedicures together thanks to Rusty and Sherry for watching our kiddos. Ahhh, so relaxing! Piper, Lilly, Chandra, and I went to the ballet in Weatherford and Piper LOVED it! She has been talking about it for 2 weeks now!
Piper and Grammy before we left for the ballet. What is that weird face Piper!!
Briggsy bear is so cool! So laid back and easy going. But, he's had a rough couple of weeks getting his first tooth and then getting diagnosed with bronchitis! This week he's about to get his second tooth and the coughing isn't cleared up still! We haven't slept through the night in two weeks and Mama is tired!!!
I cut Piper's hair! It's short! No more piggies in the back.
We stayed with our cousins, Jonah & Maggie last weekend. Piper had so much fun! I helped host a bridal shower for my sister-in-law, Natalie. She's getting married in June! During the shower, Piper got to hang out with her uncle, grandpa, cousin, and future uncle and was delighted!! When I told her she was going to go w/Uncle Matt, Jonah, and Grandpa her eyes got so big and she said, "I get to be with 3 boys!!??!!" Oh brother! Her love of guys has not diminished!!
And, she has been loving her new jammies from grandma and grandpa because "they have short sleeves!" It's the little things in life that excite her!!

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