Our Resurrection Eggs!

Before I talk about the eggs---this sleeping prince has pneumonia!! Sniff, sniff! Thankfully, it's just in the early stages and the doctor said that it's viral so antibiotics can't really do anything for it. So it kind of has to run it's course, but I've got to keep a close eye on him and do a few things to help break it up. If it gets worse I'm to page the doctor; otherwise, we will be going back for a second chest x-ray on Monday. I mentioned earlier that he had bronchitis and it got better but then Sunday and Monday night the coughing got worse so I called Tuesday morning and explained the symptoms. 1 hour later, the nurse called and directed me to go to the hospital for a chest x-ray. I was a bit scared! Finally, today I found out the results. He is acting great during the day. You wouldn't know anything was really wrong other than the occasional cough and rattle in his back and chest, but night time is harder for sure! Now for our Resurrection eggs! I borrowed this from these two blogs, The Macs and Breezy Acres Farm and this website here! Anyway, before you get to thinking I'm so on the ball and just a super woman...I'M NOT! I really wanted to purchase the store bought version and do it the easy way but forgot I was going to do that b/c of all the crazy stuff going on right now so I scrambled around to figure out how I could make my own b/c I feel like it's important, especially this year, to begin preparing Piper for Easter since we have so much Easter bunny stuff going on, which I think is really fun too! It would have been much easier to purchase them but I'm patting myself on the back that I actually accomplished a crafty/learning thing! If you looked at my house right now you'd be saying, "Oh, Honey. Can I help you?" because you'd feel sorry for us that me and my family are living in such disarray! I'm not kidding! I didn't do ours exactly like those websites and I'd show you what I did exactly but 'copy and paste' isn't working on blogger right now! Tonight I started it with Piper at bedtime and explained that we get to do something special every night before bed, etc...She was so thrilled! I read her The Story of Easter book we have and then started with Egg #1 which contained a donkey to represent the story of Jesus' triumphal entry and we read Matthew 21:1-9. Piper listened okay and then here is a summation of our dialogue...P-"We loooove Jesus." S-"Yes we do." P-"Where is Jesus?" S-(w/out getting too deep) "He is in Heaven watching over us." P-"When will we see him?" S-"Soon I hope" (thinking to myself, "sooner I hope considering this crazy week!!") P-"We will see him on Friday!!" (in her 'I know I'm right...this is an exact fact'..kind of voice!) She can be so ornery but this melts me!!

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