Baby Dedication

Baby Dedication at our church fell on Briggs' 7 month birthday! We tried taking a family picture but none of them turned out perfect! Here's the best one! Ha!!
Piper did not like us being on the stage without her. She sat on Grammy's lap with the most 'almost in tears' look I have ever seen. And, then when they dismissed us from the stage to go take our babies to the nursery, she lost it I guess so Grammy brought her to the nursery also! Poor thing didn't want to be left out! There were about 20 babies dedicated! As for Briggs' 7 month update, here goes: He can sit up all by himself!! And, he sits up in the bathtub if I lay a hand towel down in the water! He is army crawling everywhere! He is eating a ton!! I started giving him table food in addition to the homemade baby food and he is in love. He even has started fussing and grunting in between bites because I'm not feeding him fast enough!! He is chewing on his foot which makes it interesting when trying to explain to big sister that she can't do that but he can??!! He's starting to sleep through the night again and if he doesn't I've been making him cry it out which lasts anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. He loves being kissed on and loved on by anyone! He's only feared others twice and hasn't shown any separation anxiety yet but he does love his mama, but oh--he lights up when daddy comes home! Probably because he's tired of dealing with two dramatic females all day! :-) He loves a sippy cup filled with water but when I've tried to put milk in one he acts like I'm feeding him poison! ha! I read in Babywise 2 that most 7 month olds can wave bye-bye and kind of freaked b/c I haven't even practiced on that with him so you will be seeing me do that a lot with him! Let's be honest...you don't 'educate' your 2nd the same way as your 1st! He does not like his jumperoo anymore so I'm using the pack and play more to entertain him especially while we play outside or I've got to work outside. Briggs is still a pretty content little guy!

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