Briggs being big!

Briggs weighed in a whopping 21 pounds at the doctor last week at his check up! He is pneumonia free!!! He did, however, have his first ear infection. This poor guy isn't getting much of a break but he sure is happy despite his illnesses! He's getting better at sitting up but still hunches over! He did get up on all fours the other day for what seemed like minutes but was only seconds. Yikes, I'm not ready for a crawler! Being sick has spoiled him during the night b/c he is regularly getting up 1-2 times a night and I feel like a walking zombie some days. After this weekend, I will be starting baby boot camp! I'll need lots of coffee and chocolate to get me through b/c it's going to be tough listening to him cry it out as well as dealing with big sister getting awoken in the middle of the night or early in the morning! But, it's worth it in the long run b/c I love my sleep too much to let this continue!!

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