Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day was great this year. After 1 1/2 months Briggs finally slept through the night until 7 am! That was the best! We were able to relax and just enjoy each other. Michael made us cinnamon toast and they gave me a gift certificate to a nail salon here so I will be cashing that in soon because Mama needs some time off! Both of our kids came down with hand, foot, & mouth disease last week (yes, another illness we get to deal with!) so we have been in lock down quarantine at our house. We didn't venture out to church because I do not want to infect anyone else! I think we will definitely be in the clear by Wednesday! As of yesterday, Piper was clear and Briggs' spots are significantly better! I have started the disinfecting process this morning! Every room is getting super cleaned! And, another reason to super clean--Briggs is on the move like a little worm. He can get to what he wants fairly quickly!
The most adventurous event of the day occurred last night. We had some super winds and they blew the vinyl siding off of the porte cochere...I'm trying to be fancy...the carport! Michael was out of town so you should have seen me running around like a crazy person trying not to blow away picking up siding pieces! I've got siding in the garage and siding in my house. A guy is coming today to look at it! My eyes are still irritated from all the dust and junk that blew out of the rafters! Luckily, I moved my car right before it happened so it wasn't a total disaster!

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