Piper is 3!

Piper turned three years old last Saturday! Wow, I can't even believe it! We had a 3 day celebration around here and she loved every second of it! On Thursday, I took miniature chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles and toy rings on them! She requested 'brown cupcakes' for her MDO. This was the best party. It lasted 10 minutes but she was in awe of the fact that I brought the cupcakes she asked for, they sang to her and that her teachers gave her a book, birthday hat, and a sucker! If the word 'fantastic' was in her vocabulary, I think she would have said it was a fantastic party!No, she doesn't have a missing tooth, it is just chocolate cupcake!!
Her friends at MDO.
Piper's sweet teachers, Ms. Shirley & Ms. Phyllis.
Then on Friday we had our friend birthday part at the park. Above is her dressed all cute in her birthday hat but it was too windy that day to wear the hat or to light her candles. Actually, it was too windy to even go to the park but our sweet friends braved it just for her.
This is Piper and Anna Kate eating their pink cupcakes and drinking juice. Piper asked for pink cupcakes for her park party! She didn't realize she could ask for a gift or something else. She just asked for cupcakes!
On Saturday (her actual birthday) we played it a lot more low key! The four of us went out for donuts, then at lunch she got another pink cupcake with the green candles she requested! We gave her an art easel and she loves it!
She did ask when/where her party was and if friends were coming so I think having two parties in a row confused her....why not have a 3rd! Ha!

I think my nose grew! This isn't the most flattering picture but we are making memories, right!!
After the donut shop, Daddy worked in the yard and Piper helped! It was a relaxing Saturday and I know Piper enjoyed it!
Happy 3rd Birthday to my precious little Piper. You are so ornery and strong willed but so sweet and sensitive at the same time! I love you to pieces!!

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Kari said...

Happy birthday Piper!! Sounds like she had a fun three days! I look forward to when SJ actually understands!

And Briggs officially weighs more than Sarah! She is only 20.5 lbs! Slow down Briggs!