8 Months!

Briggs turned 8 months last week. He loves to crinkle his nose just like he's doing in the picture and give you the biggest grin. He thinks it is so funny! It is pretty adorable! This week he has started taking a bottle! I have not nursed him in over 24 hours and I think he is finally realizing that the bottle is going to be his friend so he'd better embrace it! He took his 1st plane ride last week to Wisconsin to experience his first wedding! He also started waving in the last week! We love having our Briggsy bear a part of our family. I can't remember what we did without him!!
Update: I took Briggs in for his 6 month vaccinations that are 2 months overdue! He weighs 22 lbs, 12 oz. and is 29 inches long. The nurse said, "You aren't missing too many meals, are you?"

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