They love each other! Yay!He's really good at sitting up!
Briggs hangs out in his pack and play a lot when we are playing and working outside!
Piper loves playing with the water hose and in the pool but not the sprinklers or splash pad!
Briggsy loves to eat! He started clapping his hands this week! And, throwing his food or toys on the ground because it's funny. It's not funny to me!!
Olivia, our cousin, taking a bath with Piper. After living in our house for 2 years, Piper finally agreed to let me turn the jets on in the bath and she loved it!
They both love the wagon!
We are having a busy, but fun summer! Briggs is growing like a weed which is normal! I noticed the other night that his 18 month footie pj's are starting to get to small in the feet! Is that a sign of the future!!??!! He loves to eat! I've been giving him table foods and he handles them like a champ! He has 2 teeth on the bottom, 1 top side and the other top side has just broken through. He's going to look funny without his 2 front teeth! ha! He loves his sissy so much! Piper is having a fun summer. She's already gotten to stay with her cousins, have a sleep over with a friend, and have cousins stay at her house! Everyday she asks me where we are going! She's pretty much out of diapers during nap time but not at night yet! She loves the water and playing outside. I can tell a complete difference in how I felt last summer being pregnant versus this summer not being pregnant. I have energy!!!!! And, I love the warm sun too! I find myself thinking, 'why didn't I do this last summer?' and I realize it was because I was miserably hot and uncomfortable! Hope your summer is off to a great beginning too!

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