Piper has been 'my girl' this week. I need to document it b/c that usually is not the case these days! She wants to love on me and do things w/me. She has had the sweetest attitude this week and we have been having a good time. Each morning we have dropped Briggs off at my friends house so that I can take her to swim lessons. It has been so fun! She is a little fishy; rarely afraid of anything. It's quite a difference from last year! We have been letting her stay up a little later than Briggs most nights and she is relishing in that time with just Mom and Dad, even if she is playing alone!
Last week, she figured out how to peddle her tricycle. I think it is almost too small for her long legs already!
This is me saying, "Piper, let me take your picture." And her thinking quietly, "Ugh!"
Last week, we kept our friend Carsyn, while her mommy took big brother to swim lessons. Piper's mommy instincts kicked into high gear! Since then, she keeps trying to pick Briggs up. He's a little on the heavy side though! She still tries! Recently, she asked me if I was going to bring home another baby. I replied that I didn't know and asked her if she wanted another brother or sister. She said, yes! I was shocked b/c she wasn't too happy when Briggs came home! She told me she wanted a girl and Foofy would be her name! Ha! I don't know if there will be more babies but I know Foofy will not be my name of choice!
Another funny thing she did this week was I asked her if she wanted to be a mommy and she replied rather seriously, "No. I want to be a scary witch." What?? Great!! In her defense, she is obsessed with The Wizard of Oz still, many months after seeing the ballet! Ha. And, one day she asked me about my earrings and I told her one day she can have earrings too. I didn't tell her when and didn't discourage the thought of having them at a young age, but she exclaimed with so much enthusiasm and a gasp, "I get to get earrings when I'm a mommy too!!!" Haha! She has no idea that some girls get them when they are her age! So funny! I'll let her keep thinking that b/c I honestly do not want to take care of her ears and her trying to take the earrings out! We will wait on that for a while!

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