Wedding in Wisconsin

Piper and Briggs now have an Uncle Stephen! Aunt Nat-Nat (Michael's stepsister) got married this past weekend in Sturgeon Bay, WI in Door County. Piper was a flower girl for the first time and she was a doll! I'm going to be real honest with you here! I didn't think there was much in Wisconsin...maybe some dairy farms and a lot of cheese. But it is stinking gorgeous there! I wish we would have stayed longer! The wedding, the family, the bride, the kids, the setting...everything.was.beautiful! To quickly tell you about the trip. It began Thursday morning at 1 am when I got out of bed to shower and get ready because I couldn't sleep any longer. (1 1/2 hrs max of rest that night); then we got the kids out of bed and straight into their carseats at 2:45 am. Piper never went back to sleep and kept whispering to me. At one point I encouraged her to go to sleep and she said, "Mommy, I'm excited!" Ahhh--sweet girl was so excited to ride on a bus (the shuttle bus) and an airplane! Briggs slept for 30 minutes in the car and 30 minutes in the plane but Piper didn't crash until we got our rental car in Milwaukee. Briggs crashed then too! Our flight was at 6 am. I think I was up from 1 am until 9 pm that day and slept maybe 45 minutes throughout the entire day! We did a little sight seeing along the peninsula of Door County (I guess that is where it was!) the first day and the rest of the time there was spent with family and at the indoor swimming pool or in our condo letting the kids nap so there would be no crabby attitudes! There still was! ha! We had a great time and our kids did fairly well on the plane rides! Go visit there! Congratulations Natalie and Stephen!

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