Sleepover fun!

Piper hosted her first sleepover with a friend without the other mom spending the night last Thursday with her sweet friend Claire! They did soooo good! We took them out to eat and they played around the house that evening. They were begging to go to sleep at 8:30! I was going to let them stay up until 9! Michael gave them a 'bedtime' pep talk about not talking and going to sleep, etc, etc. And, they listened!! Both girls were out! Piper slept until 7:15 am trying to pounce Claire to wake up but she didn't budge! Claire finally woke up at 8:15 and then we got ready and headed to our last day of swim lessons, which is really just the play day for the Toddling Turtles class.
Piper did so good at swim lessons this year! She was much more brave than last year! I am very proud of her!

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