9 months

Briggs turned 9 months! I only have 3 more months before he's 1. Sniff, sniff! Last week he pulled up on the stairs and he started sitting up on his own from the laying down position. He hasn't been pulling up anymore and he's still in practice mode with the sitting up but this boy is going to be mobile sooner than this sister was I think! Yikes!!!Briggs loves the water! I gave him a sink bath because he has been having a fever on and off for the last three days. It got up to 102 so I gave him a lukewarm bath to cool him down. He's been kind of miserable and sleeping a lot! I think it's either his teething or something viral b/c he has no other physical symptoms like runny nose or cough. He has lost his appetite which is a big deal because he loves his food!
These pictures turned out blurry but I love how you can see his enthusiasm in the poses! Sweet boy!

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