Packing Up!

Our house is 95% packed thanks to my sister coming down and getting us all whipped into shape. Michael had the worse job of all though...the garage in the 100+ heat! Seriously though, my sister is a machine! When she has a job to do, she gets it done! It's amazing! The moving truck comes on July 25th to load up our stuff and take it to storage. We are going to be living in a furnished apartment for a few months while I settle on a school district that I feel good about our kids being a part of and then begin serious house hunting! Olivia, my niece, came along to and played with Piper. Briggs hasn't been feeling well so he slept a lot or I was holding him.

And, isn't this the sweetest thing ever???? I looked over and he was patting her back while a movie was on and then he just rested it there. Briggs loves Piper!!

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