UPDATE: A friend in Norman offered to keep Oscar until we moved into a home and shortly after, a family in Ardmore offered to take him permanently so we have agreed to send him to Ardmore. I'm going to be taking him later in the month once I find out a date that works for the new family.
We are having such a hard time finding a new home or a temporary home for our dog Oscar! We cannot take him to the apartment with us and I've been asking everyone I know if they want/need a dog. No Luck!!! We're moving on Monday and have no plan. I really don't want to leave him at the pound and the Forever Friends in Ardmore isn't taking any animals right now. If you know anyone who's looking for a dog or if someone could shelter him for us for about 4 months please contact me!! He's a sweet little guy! 6 years old, neutered, full of energy, very protective of children and the family, outside dog, loves his crate! Let me know!!!!

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