Briggs is into all things lately!  He is starting to show this new mischievous side.  It's nothing bad but Michael and I have both noticed a slight change in him.  He is still so fun and just a great kid!  He loves his mama through and through!  He is still snuggly and he likes to give kisses.  He still cannot say "love you" or anything close.  He just looks at us when we say it to him.  He can say Briggs, "Biggs or Bwiggs" usually is what it sounds like.  He is adding new words all the time.  His most common words are "Eat!" which he screams and "Baba" for bottle (this is new and is in reference to his sippy cup.  I have no idea where he picked this up!) He clicks his tongue when he wants food.  That usually means he is really hungry!  He can make several animal noises when asked.  He learned the donkey sound first because my dad always does it with him on the phone.  When my mom asked Briggs "What does Papa say?" his reply was "eeah, eeah!"  Ha!  He is starting to count a little because Piper is always counting.  He's not saying, "1, 2, 3.." but he makes the voice inflections "uh, eww, wee,..." if you get my drift.  And he's trying to sing "Jesus Loves Me" and the "ABC's" in the same way.  Cute! I've had to cut back on snacks with him so that he'll eat a better lunch and dinner.  This is challenging because he loves snacks and so does Piper!  It's hard to let her have a snack and not him or make her do without because she eats good.  He loves being outside and is always pointing to the door saying, "side, side."  I think he is a total boy.  He loves getting in the mud and wiping it all over himself and climbing and all that boy stuff!  I'm so thankful for this bruiser!

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